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Arrival Annoucement - Co-owner and Director

Energise Energy Solutions are excited to announce the arrival of our new co-owner and director Bevan Butcher who joined the business on the 1st April 2019 (No Joke)


Bevan has strong experience in the Gas industry and was originally the co-owner and founder of CH4, gas utilities and maintenance services. He started this business in partnership with David Catley.  The company initially started with only 3 employees and rapidly they both grew it to over 200.


Both Bevan and David carried on striving with hunger and ambition resulting in a massive turnover of 12 million in their final year until they decided to sell their business to SMS plc.


Bevan continued delivering his strong business acumen as director for CH4 and was responsible for over 700 employees, using his expertise he grew the smart install business from 5000 assets per month to over 30,000 per month.


His proudest moments are giving employment opportunities to many individuals, building a successful happy and driven workforce.


He aims to grow Energise Energy to an even greater level than his previous business. It gets better because his ambition doesn’t stop there, he has plans to go national with his end goal to take this business to another level and go worldwide.


Although Bevan will have a heavy focus on the EV industry he will also look to focus on the metering industry alongside any other renewal energy markets.


What a great asset to bring to the team!  We are delighted to have you on board!

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